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Calculate how many kilometers you’ve walked by entering your height and the number of steps taken below.

How to Convert Steps to Km

Walking is an excellent way to maintain good health, and many people aim to achieve a daily target of steps to ensure they remain active. As you walk, you might wonder how many kilometers you covered with all those steps.

Person walking on a path

On average, it takes about 1,200 to 1,500 steps to walk one kilometer or about 900 to 1,250 steps to run one kilometer. It’s important to keep in mind that this varies based on the person’s stride length, which is determined by their height and pace.[1]

So, you can estimate the distance you have walked in kilometers by tracking the number of steps walked and multiplying that by the distance of your stride, which results in the total distance walked. This is useful to estimate the number of calories burned walking as well.

You can calculate this in a few steps.

Step One: Find Your Stride Length

The first step in converting steps to kilometers is to calculate your stride length.

The average stride length for a person is 0.67 to 0.76 meters, or roughly 41% to 45% of their body height, according to Scientific American.[2] This can vary for each person and assumes the person is walking at an average pace.

To find your stride length, multiply your height by 0.43 to get an average stride estimate.

stride = height × 0.43

Step Two: Calculate the Separation

Once you have the stride length, multiply that by the number of steps walked.

distance = stride × steps

Thus, the distance is equal to the stride length multiplied by the number of steps.

Step Three: Convert to Kilometers

At this point, the distance found will be in the same unit of measure as the stride length. For example, if the stride length was found using the person’s height in centimeters, then the stride length, and thus, the overall distance will be in centimeters.

To convert the distance to kilometers, divide the number of centimeters by 100,000. You can also use a conversion calculator to simplify this.

You can also calculate the number of miles walked by dividing the number of centimeters by 160,935.

You can also use a pace and distance calculator to estimate distance using your walking pace and total time walked.

How Many Kilometers are 10,000 Steps?

The average person travels 7 to 9 kilometers when walking 10,000 steps at an average pace.

Steps to Kilometers Chart

The chart below shows the average distance walked in kilometers for various numbers of steps. Note that this is an approximation and varies by stride length and walking pace.

Chart showing steps to average distance walked in kilometers when walking at a brisk pace.
Steps Kilometers
500 steps 0.4 km
1,000 steps 0.8 km
2,000 steps 1.6 km
3,000 steps 2.4 km
4,000 steps 3.2 km
5,000 steps 4 km
6,000 steps 4.8 km
7,000 steps 5.6 km
8,000 steps 6.4 km
9,000 steps 7.2 km
10,000 steps 8 km
15,000 steps 12 km
20,000 steps 16 km
25,000 steps 20 km


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